High Levels of Plutonium, Uranium Found in the United States

The articles below have been translated and may not be accurate.  I have included a link to the source so you can decide .

According to resources ,California as well as Hawaii have experienced a drastic increase in Plutonium and uranium.  Since 1992 measurements of these elements have risen as much as 43 times in the past 20 years.  The information below came from a resource located in Asia so the article has been translated into English.  Since the last Earthquake in Japan this seems to have increased and may  cover more states as the Fukushima plant continues to release deadly toxins into the air and water.   Plutonium and uranium have far more impact on the human body than iodine and cesium, these rays emitted by the radiation dose monitoring can not be measured for fly only short distances.  People will be at risk once the toxin enters the body and fatalities can be expected.


U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the database we examined in detail, the measurements were made ​​in the U.S. West Coast Hawaii and Guam from late March to early April, was detected abnormal concentrations of plutonium and uranium found that Teita. That backed into the air to scatter plutonium and uranium from the most toxic This Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant (which would be released into the sea of ​​course.) TEPCO press the Japanese government patronage of scholars is the fact that the silence決Me込N (U.S. government access to a lot of pages for the public to not only information on a small portion of radioactive material), already abroad among experts and the internet is becoming a fact that can not hide.

This was calculated on this blog is the concentration of radioactive material in air filters in the systems found in California, Hawaii, Guam (including Saipan plutonium in Alaska, Washington, also found that it said But here is optional.)

If you wish to check the database is a separate yourself ※ here please. You can download historical data for each state for each nuclide. I received feedback and know how to use. Air-Filter, CA, Plutonium-239, 01/01/2000 and the result comes out the lower button to select and so on. Concentration of only 3.11 units after data pCi/m3 aCi/m3 Please note, not become so.

※ The following calculations and tables, database search results to come out “Result Amount” (below, RA) and “Minimum Detection Concentration” (below, MDC) have been designed to split the case Tatsuno Nohu. For this reason, so I think I have lost both value and measured, even though the role which is more accurate if both Oke wrote because I thought it would stand. The first measurements of RA and that California only plutonium 239, uranium in Hawaii 234.235.238 yields the conclusion that the only significant increase. RA to be seen just as many become negative values ​​in the data group, in the sense that I could not understand the negative observations. Therefore, no negative MDC tried to calculate the value of moment of string is measured. In this case, the conclusion that yielded a significant increase in uranium plutonium in Hawaii, California. In either case you better do not know me, the conclusion that plutonium, uranium was found growing in the United States would not change. I was not an expert in radiation, in the world for people with expertise, so I think he is many more people is welcome if Itadaketara EPA databases to verify.

Uranium and plutonium are flying in Japan

Plutonium, uranium concentration in the atmosphere in Japan is how I would. More hide vital information that these anti-nuclear public opinion to suppress media scholars have government patronage TEPCO unfortunately only on their own to infer from existing data. Because of the limited information, Please understand that following a very rough calculation.

This article is written in detail, according to a forecast released by the Meteorological Agency airborne radioactive material, around March 31, 2011, predicted dispersal area near Japan at the lowest concentration level of 1 trillion over 100 primary Hukushima had become. In Guam, but perhaps suspect that flying at lower concentrations than that intentionally “conservative” calculation method (a conservative value when the inversion of the concentration of Japanese if you set a higher dilution Hukuzima vs Guam means that out), and you think it applies to Guam, the concentration of one in 100 trillion, the release of data in Ibaraki 3 26 1 10 billion nuclear power plant near Tokyo is one Because the concentration of one trillion, ten thousand times in Guam, respectively, derive the expected rough you a hundred times (Sun Measuring in Guam on April 1 and March 31, the data dilution is intended iodine-131).

US EPA Data Shows Plutonium and Uranium In Guam, Tokyo and Ibaraki While Japan Denies It To Protect TEPCO.

To know the exact value, flying over uranium and plutonium and strontium in the U.S., Japan in the air that fly at higher concentrations than at least it would be authentic. The government acknowledged that the level of 7 from the amount of cesium 131 and iodine 137 was released, I found it alongside Chernobyl radioactive material from the type and quality. Plutonium and uranium are far more impact on the human body is large iodine and cesium, these rays emitted by the radiation dose monitoring can not be measured for fly only short distances. Will be at risk once the fatal body into realizing that a lot of rain around us. Cancer make one out of every 1000 children in the ministry decided to interim standard is not put so much exposure that allow the calculation of this body exposure to minute no costs. Impact on the human body 20 years after 10 years here .

source   http://blog.alexanderhiggins.com/2011/04/27/plutonium-levels-california-43-times-hawaii-11-times-highest-levels-20-years-20549/

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2 Comments for “High Levels of Plutonium, Uranium Found in the United States”

  1. From 1945 until 1992 there where hundreds (as many as 600 believe it or not!) above ground nuclear tests! Personally I believe the high levels of Plutonium being detected are from these tests. Nuclear weapons are not 100% efficient, and much of the plutonium is scattered in the blast.

    There have been over 2,000 or so nuclear tests in total including underground and underwater explosions.

    Don’t worry folks, we have survived a nuclear war! We are all here! Don’t worry! http://www.radiationfinder.com

  2. Forgot to Mention this, 14 grams (yes grams) of Plutonium 239 is toxic. Coincidentally 14 grams of caffiene is toxic as well.


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