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Cashless Society Getting Closer,Pay With a Credit Card by Taking a Picture of it

“Pay with a credit card by taking a picture of it”  is at the heart of’s mobile commerce platform. It isn’t immediately clear whether most consumers, eventually, will consider this a valuable way of paying, compared to a card swipe. But it seems likely that the amount of time or convenience of paying will [...]

Could Bitcoins Become the New World Currency?

Bitcoins are the top-performing money in the world — but what are they? The best performing currency of the past year isn’t Brazil’s real, up 15% versus the U.S. dollar, or Australia’s dollar, up27 It’s the Bitcoin. A year ago one was worth half a penny. Thursday morning it hit $10.50. That’s a gain of [...]

Asus to Release Padphone

Asus has officially announced the Padfone – one of its most daring devices ever. The Padfone is an Android smartphone which comes by default with a complementary 10 inch tablet (also Android-based) to which it can be docked. This smartphone-tablet combo lets you use a single SIM card for both devices. When the handset is [...]

Cashless Society Here We Come

Could we be heading to a cashless society? Well If major companies such as , Apple and Google get their way, we may.   Wouldn’t it be nice just to carry one item in your pocket that would allow you to talk, surf, text and now pay for any item you needed.   I really believe this [...]

Now Everyone Can Play Angry Birds Thanks To Facebook.

    Chalk up another major move for Facebook.  If you do not know what “Angry Birds” is, then you must have an old cellphone from the 90′s or haven’t turned on the television this year.  Angry Birds is a game  established first on the iphone , and has now migrated to the the android [...]

iPad 2 To Be Sold at Walmart?

  For all you tech nerds out there ,it looks like you won’t have to wait in a long line at your apple store to get the new Ipad 2.  Bestbuy and Walmart expect to join Apple to help them launch this wonderful piece of technology.  There are also rumors of Sams Club and possibly [...]

Got Cancer? Yes There’s an App For That. Well at Least There May Be.

    Might doctors soon be able to detect cancer faster and more accurately with their smartphones? Thanks to researchers based at Massachusetts General Hospital, it appears to be a distinct possibility. According to a research article published in February’s Science Translational Medicine journal, scientists have developed a quantitative micro-nuclear magnetic resonance system (NMR) that [...]

Gmail Reset Erases Messages All Emails gone!

  Some Gmail  users have reportedly waken up to all their messages and information erased from their account.. According to the Huffington post Gmail forums were very busy this morning when people woke up to check their email and nothing was there..  Only an estimated 29%  of users were effected by this,  One girl on [...]


Sony Ericsson Xperia Play is finally 100% official. I want one of these! As we’ve heard for ages now, it’ll run Android 2.3 Gingerbread on a 1GHz Snapdragon processor with Qualcomm Adreno 205 graphics and display those games on a sizable 4-inch LCD, the combination of which Sony says will provide 60 frames per second [...]


To anyone interested in a new camera, this will be coming out at the end of February. So you’re a little bit tight when it comes to stretching your monthly budget, but here is Nikon to help you maximize your hard-earned money with the Coolpix L120, bringing decent zoom performance in a compact digital camera [...]

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