Cashless Society Getting Closer,Pay With a Credit Card by Taking a Picture of it

“Pay with a credit card by taking a picture of it”  is at the heart of’s mobile commerce platform. It isn’t immediately clear whether most consumers, eventually, will consider this a valuable way of paying, compared to a card swipe. But it seems likely that the amount of time or convenience of paying will not be the big draw for

The system might be seen as more valuable as a platform for wallet features and marketing or advertising angles, as the approach does not intuitively seem to be simpler than swiping a card.

When it’s time to make a payment in your app, activates your phone’s camera and pulls up a green frame on the screen.

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Put your credit card within the green frame, snap a photo, and’s proprietary technology will scan the card for whatever information is necessary to make a transaction.

The actual transactions are processed by third-party payment processors used by the merchant. Finally, your credit card information is immediately deleted from your phone.
Co-founder Mike Mettler, a former developer at AdMob, said the company was betting that in the long-run, software approaches will win over hardware approaches.

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