Global Cooling Evidence Continues to Grow (Literally)

For the last couple of months I have felt that it is a duty to steer serious readers and serious people in the right direction of what is really going on in the climate across the globe. As stated, this is not a writing to demand that a person switches sides or follows blindly what ever one person says but an article to convince one to do his or her own investigation of what is really going on. The best example I can give is a situation in a hotly, contested divorce. Each side is going to blame the other. Each side is going to smear the other for statements one made. Nothing good comes out of it, so what good is it to even try to believe what each side says. This is why doing the investigating yourself will often lead to a more comfortable conclusion and an answer you can defend more readily.

I came across an article with several great graphs that represent what words can only hope to describe. The site of the article to further enhance my points can be read here:

Many of the same points addressed over several articles in my writings are listed in this work. The biggest being how the main stream media casually forgets to tell the common people the real truth. Since Global Warming is a trillion dollar government scheme, why would anyone want to stop that income? The truth or greed? Greed will win every time.

True Winter Temperatures in the Lower 48: Courtesy of the NCDC

As many have read or heard about, since 1998 the temperatures across the World, including the United States have fallen. However, pro Global Warming supporters, their excuse has been the Earth was so warm that it had to cool. Point taken but now the temperature is below the long term average and falling, what is your next excuse?

Forest Temperatures Winter in Canada; Courtesy of Environmental Canada

This issue has not been addressed in great detail on here but in rants with people, this has been a big topic of discussion. On the graph the temperatures have been oscillating back and forth but the key to focus on is post 2007. When the PDO flipped to cool in 2007, the temperatures have trended significantly down. Ups and downs are part of the natural law of averages but whenever a temperature goes up, sources ring out and proclaim the Earth is warming at an alarming rate and humankind is in trouble. Yet I ask, what have you heard about the general cooling trend in the cold Canadian Prairies or Northwestern Forest? Neither have I.

A caveat in all of this is the snowfall amounts and coverage in the United States. Despite reports that came out and said snow is up because of Global Warming is complete non-sense.

Snowfall Extent in North America; Courtesy of Rutgers University

One may say, snow can happen and fall at any place at a certain time. Yes, that is true; however, the real question is if the Earth, especially the high latitudes, is warming so rapidly how is snow extent increasing? With a warming planet, snow extent should be decreasing. All the statements made from the “warm side” contradict themselves. It snows more because it is warmer but it rains more because it is warmer, but we have more droughts because it is warmer and we have more floods because it is warmer? What? Exactly. Confused? Same here. It does not add up.

North Atlantic Heat Ocean Content; Courtesy of NODC

I touched earlier on how the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (referred as PDO) turned cooler in 2007. Well this graph is beginning to show the North Atlantic beginning to turn downward. All you hear is how the ocean’s are warming and the sea level is rising at historic rates. Several coastal cities will be under water soon and mass hysteria will encompass the World. That answer can be summed up in a simple sentence. Sea levels do rise to a point when the natural cycle of the oceans are warm and the oceans on a whole began to warm in the mid to late 1970s through the mid 2000s, now they are beginning to cool so over time the ocean rise will stop and lower. The biggest stressing point is you do not hear that the oceans are cooling, just warming and about to cause a tremendous amount of problems. Need proof?

Northern Sea Ice Coverage 2007 vs. 2011; Courtesy of University of Illinois

Ice has significantly increased in the last few years across the same areas that said were supposed to be ice free soon. Either that is a terrible prediction with bad data or it is bold faced lying. I do not know any individual so I cannot proclaim he or she is lying or not but the evidence lies before you that warming has stopped and is reversing. All the talk about ships going to sail to the North Pole or submarines coming to surface is not going to happen. Where the information comes from, I would like to know. This cooling trend is still early in its cycle and over the next 20 to 30 years expect more ice and more snow to fall farther south and last longer into the season.

Warm and Sunshine Days are Numbered; Courtesy of

If you like sun and heat, this is not your pattern; however, if you enjoy snow and cold then your dream will keep getting better.

Polar Bears and Penguins Rejoice; Courtesy of

By Weather Specialist Josh Ketchen

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