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I am on the soapbox tonight as I have had enough of this global warming garbage that has been force fed down many throats in America the last several years. While Global Warming is a natural occurrence in cycles, this political crack pot scheme that the reason the weather is more extreme because of a warming planet is laughable. The reason it snowed more this winter over North America in the Global Warming camp was because of warmer temperatures, yet it contained less water equivalent. That is odd because warmer temperatures hold more water than cold temperatures. Interesting. As we progress into Spring, the warmingistas proclaim all the severe weather and flooding is a direct result of warming the planet. If the Earth is warmer in all facets, then you have LESS baroclinic clashes of air masses and less severe weather threats. The atmosphere just does not work this way. This is like saying that the reason it is colder right now is because it is warmer. If someone can explain to me how that works I will be very interested to hear the processes. The main point is that it does not.

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Despite what you hear on television or other media sources, the evidence is in the charts. The globe cooled below 0 late this winter and into early Spring, not warmed. April saw a slight rise but long term cooling is going to continue. How long will the shenanigans continue until the political agenda freezes up, pun intended.

Here is a fine example of cool air masses fighting the warmth in Spring and the tornadoes produced. 2008 had an overall cool spring and the severe weather was off the charts in May and June.

May 2008 Tornadoes

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Spring 2008 Composite Temps

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May 2008 was generally cool.

Now here is a map of 2010 and how severe weather and warmth limit severe weather events.

April 2010 Tornadoes

Spring Temperatures

April of 2010 was a warm month over most of the country and the result was a far less tornadic month. So through the maps, it appears that when cooler air masses are around severe weather is at a heightened risk. More times then not when you have a cool northern tier of the nation with strong cold shots and a normal or above normal southern tier, the combination leads to severe weather. So I ask the question, how does warmer weather equal colder weather? How does warmer weather equal stronger severe storms?

The stories go on and on but you will not here the truth unless one does research and spend hours searching information to come up with his/her own conclusion. The government is the puppet master and the people are supposed to be the puppets and follow blindly what is said. Remember how the Arctic was supposed to be ice free in 2010? That did not happen, so they pushed it back to 2013. Well, Arctic Ice content is thickening and the ice sheet is beginning to grow in the Arctic not shrinking.

Arctic Ice Growth 2009-2011

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Clearly the Arctic areas are on the rebound and the thickness of ice is growing. It is amazing when one digs deep to find the real truth and not what media propaganda and money can buy! All you here and see is how tragic things are becoming; how sparse the ice sheet is and polar bears are dwindling. You never hear how ice is beginning to increase and that the polar bear population is at its highest since the late 1970s. All you hear is the inconvenient truth.

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By Weather Specialist Josh Ketchen