We all know now that our rainwater, drinking water and food have all been contaminated by radiation flowing over from Japan , but now we see evidence of this in the Pacific Ocean.   According to  California Department of Fish and Game there have been dozens of Tiger sharks being found washed ashore with  “inflammation, bleeding and lesions in the brain, and hemorrhaging from the skin near vents.”   This is a great concern as its obvious that this is a result of  some toxic chemicals in the water.

Sean Van Sommeran, executive director of the Pelagic Shark Research Foundation in nearby Santa Cruz, suspects “we’re only seeing a tiny fraction of what’s going on,” meaning more sharks and other animals are likely being affected by the problem.

Van Sommeran added that leopard sharks are typically a “pretty resistant” species.  So why are these sharks dying like this?  As of now, that’s still a mystery. A statement released by the Silicon Valley city mentioned, “The…pathologist is not drawing any conclusions until more examinations and all tests are performed.”

Now where would a high dose of toxic chemicals come from?  hmm lets think this one through shall we-   I’m pretty sure we all knew this would happen sooner or later and this only confirms that radiaton leaked from Japan has entered our waters and will destroy a high percentage of our sea life.  As weeks go by we will keep a very close eye on this situation and report any new breaking news on this event.